In-House Digitizing

[TAJIMA DG/ML By Pulse Embroidery Design Systems]


Our process begins with accepting artwork either from digitally-generated file formats, faxes, or hard copies. Camera-ready art is always welcome, but not necessary as long as the image of the logo or emblem gives us enough information and detail for digitizing. (Digitizing is the process of converting a design to a stitch format that will run on an embroidery machine)


We submit a sample sew-out of the embroidered design to you for approval. Once approved, our highly skilled technicians begin the project, constantly monitoring the production and inspecting for quality precision on the final product.

*Pricing is based on the stitch count, which is determined by the size & complexity of your design.


Our goal is to provide top quality embroidery, emblems and other decorative designs at best price in town. We always work hard to make sure you become our return customer.